Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back in the studio and it feels good!

One of the nice things about working in a college art department is that there is a ceramic studio nearby. During the summer months it is a great space to get away, spread out, take a break, and spend some time after working a long day. So this summer, as in past summers, I have been staying after work and throwing for an hour or two each day. The results have been good and some new ideas and forms have had a chance to develop from sketches into actual pots. In the last couple weeks I have thrown about 8 large serving bowls (14"-20" diameter), a couple larger platters (20"-24" diameter), a couple vases, a dozen or so faceted, fluted, and paddled mugs, maybe 10 jars of varying sizes, and some new basket forms.

Bisque firing sometime in the next week and will hopefully have enough bisque ware to complete two glaze firings. Many of these pots will be glazed with a matte gray, tenmoku, iron red, and a heavy crawling white shino I regularly use. I will post pictures of some of the finished ware....

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