Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Monday I threw about 20 mugs experimenting with some new mug forms. Tonight I fluted some of the mugs and pulled handles for all. I have not been real happy with my handles as of late, so I have been working on these some to make a handle more fitting of the form. These are just a few of the mugs I made, I am happy with the handles on these! I like the handles to be wide and comfortable in the hand. 3 fingers are best, 2 fingers work. The ridge in the middle is made with my thumb while pulling he handle and makes a perfect thumb rest for either a right or left hander.

For me, what completes the pot are the small details. For instance, using a coiled wire to cut the pieces off of the wheel head, leaving a wonderful wire pattern on the bottoms of the cups. Whether firing regular gas reduction or salt firing, this small detail makes all the difference in the finished product.

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